VigRX Plus

In 2000, the American company “Albion Nutraceuticals” released the drug VigRX – the precursors to the modern VigRX Plus. It is a reliable, safe and effective drug for increasing penis quickly have gained popularity among the men all over the world. All these years it has been considered a leader in this field.

The scientists of the company continued their research and development. The development team consisted of pharmacists, urologists and herbalists. Their approach combined modern scientific advances and the principles of traditional and herbal medicine. Eventually, its formula has been significantly improved, which has resulted in the new drug called VigRX Plus that works even better and provides better result. The mass production and sale of VigRX Plus started.

What you get from buying VigRX Plus

  • The length and girth of your penis in the state of erection will increase due to the ingredients of the drug;
  • longer and more qualitative erection;
  • increase of sexual desire and endurance by increasing the general body tone;
  • increase in the length of sexual act and the improvement of its quality;
  • control over the ejaculation;
  • improved quality of orgasm, which becomes brighter;
  • positive impact on your kidney function.

However, the benefits of the drug are not limited to the physical side. Using VigRX Plus, you will:

  • stop experiencing nervous tension and anxiety because of the size of your penis;
  • calm down after realizing that the premature ejaculation is over now;
  • stop worrying about the length and quality of your erection (or if it will be enough for a great sex);
  • stop doubting that your sex will be as bright as you want.

As a result, this drug will increase your self-confidence and improve the quality of your life.

Most men, using this drug, note the effect after a week. In a month, both the size and the length of your penis will increase. Your erection will be powerful, your orgasm-strong and bright, and your sexual act- longer.

How VigRX Plus works

The effectiveness of this drug is explained by the slight effect on the normal physiological processes of the carefully chosen and optimally balanced complex of the extracts of medicinal herbs, amino acids and minerals. The erection arises as a result of filling the spongy tissues of cavernous bodies with blood. It happens during the arousal. The size of your penis is defined by the volume of the filled tissues. However, they have much greater potential than the one used in the filling. They can hold much more blood, and therefore increase much more in length and volume.

The special composition of VigRX Plus has strengthening and stimulating effect, aimed at opening such opportunities. The action of different ingredients increases the level of nitrogen oxide that relaxes the unstrained muscle of cavernous bodies, dilates your vessels, provides powerful blood flow and increases erection. At that, general blood pressure remains the same, increasing only in penis. The drug stimulates the production of testosterone that helps you to relieve the nervous tension, increases sexual tone and power. Powerful libido enhancers and natural aphrodisiacs in the composition of VigRX Plus accumulate in the body and improve sexual activity, increase erection and therefore pleasure. The size of your penis increases during the erection.

Though VigRX Plus is a whole new drug, it is already very popular. And if you want to read the users feedbacks on its action, you can do it by following the link “VigRX Plus feedbacks”.

VigRX Plus: composition

The characteristics of the drug are defined by its composition. VigRX Plus includes the new substance – BIOPERINE. Clinical tries conducted in the US confirmed that Bioperine accelerates the absorption and bioavailability of herbal supplements, significantly increasing their effectiveness. The properties of Bioperine explain higher efficiency of the new drug.

Apart from Bioperine, the drug composition includes:

DAMIANA or TURNERA APHRODISIACA (in translation “arousing”). It is an aphrodisiac that was widely used by Mayans.
PUNCTURE VINE or TRIBULUS TERRESTRIS or Tribestan. In Europe, it has been used for several thousand years for the treatment of sexual dysfunction and stimulation of potency. This substance increases the level of testosterone.
EPIMEDIUM SAGITTATUM. This aphrodisiac is widely known as “horny goat weed”. It increases endurance and man power and improves potency. Its active component (Icariin) stimulates sexual functions. The effect of Epidemiun sagittatum is similar to that of Viagra, but doesn’t have its side effects. It is a PDE5 inhibitor.
CUSCUTA SEED EXTRACT. It is a Chinese aphrodisiac, effective in the treatment of premature ejaculation, backache and kidney failure that contributes to the sexual weakness. This ingredient makes sperm more viable and movable.
GINKGO BILOBA LEAF. It is beneficial for stress resistance and body activity, improves the condition of blood vessel, which define the quality of erection.
ASIAN RED GINSENG or PANAX GINSENG. It is a traditional Chinese medicine that affects the development of energy and inner power and is a good aphrodisiac.
FRUCTUS SERENOAE – SAW PALMETTO BERRY. It is a well-known aphrodisiac that was used in ancient times. It relieves the smooth muscle tissue, which promotes the increase of blood circulation and normalizes the hormonal background.
PTYCHOPETALUM OLACOIDES – MUIRA PAUMA BARK EXTRACT. It increases potency and sexual desire and restores sexual activity. Its principle of action remains a mystery for the scientists.
ERYTHROXYLUM CATUABA – CATUABA BARK EXTRACT. It is a Brazilian aphrodisiac that dilates vessels, tones and stimulates the nervous system, relieves fatigue and gives you fresh strength.
FRUCTUS CRATAEGI – HAWTHORN BERRY. It is a powerful antioxidant that relieves the cardiac muscle tension, strengthens the walls of blood vessels, improves blood circulation and reduces the level of cholesterol and blood pressure.

All these components are perfectly blended in VigRX Plus. Their effect on the body allows you to achieve outstanding results:

  • your general sexual health will improve;
  • you will feel the rush of power and youth;
  • your sexual attraction will increase;
  • your sexual pleasure will increase significantly;
  • the hormonal background of body will optimize;
  • you will get rid of stress and anxiety.

Indications for the use of VigRX Plus

If you are not satisfied with the size of your penis or the quality of sexual act, your erection is not hard enough, and the premature ejaculation doesn’t let you fully enjoy your intimacy, if every time during the sexual act you feel anxious and concerned, VigRX Plus is just the thing you need.

Directions for use and dosage

Take one pill of VigRX Plus twice a day. Maximal daily dosage is 4 pills. You can achieve the greatest effect by taking VigRX Plus with meal (for example, at breakfast and dinner). The drug components are absorbed better with meal. The drug must be taken in courses. One course lasts from one to four months. You can repeat the course twice a year.
Contraindications to the use of drug

Don’t take the drug if you have:

  • anatomical deformation of penis, including in the cavernous fibrosis, Peyronie’s disease and angulation;
  • arterial hypertension, unstable angina and chronic heart failure;
  • you had a stroke or heart attack in the previous 6 months;
  • increased sensitivity to any ingredient of the drug.

Side effects

VigRX Plus doesn’t cause any unpleasant side effects. Allergic reactions are possible only if you have an increased sensitivity to any drug component.

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