Buy Contractubex (Heparin Sodium + Allantoin + Onion Extract)

Contractubex is a drug for external use from the “Merz Farma” company (Germany), intended for the treatment of scars of various origins. This drug is much cheaper than many other drugs in this group, which is quite attractive. In this article, we will present a detailed analysis of the composition of the drug, as well as reviews from patients and dermatologists. Buy Contractubex.

Indications for use

Contractubex – the instructions for use note that the drug promotes healing of damaged areas of the skin that have occurred as a result of

  • cuts and skin tears,
  • deep abrasions,
  • after surgery,
  • as a result of burns,
  • after suffering from skin diseases such as chickenpox or acne,
  • after unsuccessful laser or other cosmetic procedures (such as tattoo removal).

This drug is very inexpensive compared to similar drugs for the treatment of scars. The drug is available only in the form of a gel, although some patients look for buy contractubex ointment or contractubex cream in pharmacies, but such forms simply do not exist.

The composition and properties of ingredients

The gel contains 3 active ingredients at once (Fig. 3), thanks to which the formation of invisible scars can occur much faster.

  1. Allantoin

    stimulates wound healing, has a softening effect, and also relieves itching and burning, which is accompanied by healing. In addition, it stimulates blood circulation in the scar tissue, restoring normal pigmentation. Allantoin also increases the skin’s permeability to other active ingredients.

  2. Heparin sodium

    softens the structure of scar tissue, making it less dense. It increases the hydration of scar tissue with water, has an anti-inflammatory and anti-edematous effect.

  3. Extract onion

    it has anti-inflammatory and bactericidal properties, and also prevents the formation of excessive scar tissue, thereby contributing to the formation of a thin scar.

Auxiliary components of the gel – sorbic acid, methyl-4-hydroxybenzoate, polyethylene glycol-200, xanthan, water, perfume additive DROM 2700.

Instructions for use

The manufacturer recommends that you start using the gel immediately after the open wound/abrasion on the skin is closed, or immediately after removing the surgical sutures. The instructions for use of Contractubex gel note that the gel should be applied daily 2-3 times a day, at least for 3 months, and even better – 4 months.

The gel should be applied to the scar with careful massaging movements-from the center of the scar to its edges. Massage the scar with gentle movements until the gel is completely absorbed. The scar massage procedure is an important component in the formation of a thin and invisible scar as the active components of the gel.

You should know that the formation of a fresh scar occurs over a long time and takes place in several stages. So, after about 4 weeks, you can see a decrease in the redness of the scar. After 8-10 weeks, the scar tissue becomes even lighter, there is an increase in elasticity and thinning. The final formation ends in 6 months, but may last up to 12 months.


The contraindications are virtually absent. Discontinuation of the drug is necessary only if you have a rare allergic reaction to onion extract. If you want to avoid side effects, you should only apply buy contractubex gel to long-lasting wounds. It is forbidden to apply the gel to non-prolonged skin injuries. You should also avoid getting the gel on the mucous membranes of the eyes, nose and mouth.

During pregnancy and breastfeeding – it is absolutely safe to use Contractubex during pregnancy, and Contractubex is also completely safe during breastfeeding. Numerous clinical studies have shown that buy contractubex can be used even by infants from 6 months of age.


Contractubex gel reviews are as contradictory as possible, and it will be quite difficult for the consumer to distinguish the reviews of real patients from hidden advertising.

In addition, the analysis shows that even the majority of real patient reviews are useless, because most people who use the gel take any changes in scars and stretch marks (occurring in parallel with the use of the gel) – for the effect of the gel itself.
However, the analysis of such photos by specialists shows that in most cases these changes are nothing more than a naturally occurring transformation of the scar, which would have occurred without the use of any means for scars.

So, we studied reviews in three areas

  • whether Contractubex helps with scars,
  • whether Contractubex helps with stretch marks,
  • whether it is effective for acne scars.

Contractubex gel – reviews of numerous patients confirm that it perfectly copes only with fresh, shallow, smooth and thin scars that have arisen as a result of operations with the imposition of neat cosmetic stitches, or even shallow cuts.

Moreover, we noted that more positive reviews are left by young people, whose regeneration processes are better developed, which affects faster wound healing and the formation of a less noticeable scar. If you divide the reviews by the time of the start of treatment, then you will notice the fact that the earlier the treatment starts, the better the result after using Contractubex will be.

It should be noted that evaluating patient feedback is still the most subjective method for evaluating the effectiveness of any drug. After all, the process of scar formation is influenced by many factors: genetics, skin type, age, type of skin damage, whether there was an infection in the wound, chronic human diseases… Patients often take the natural change in the scar over time for the action of the gel.

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