Levitra Super Active

The original Levitra is produced in tablet form. Every pill contains 20 mg of vardenafil. Surely, our readers want to know the difference between Levitra Super Active and the traditional Levitra.

The thing is, there is actually no product called “Levitra Super Active”. Most men use this term when they refer to generic Levitra in capsules. Therefore, if someone wants to buy Levitra Super Active, he’s actually going to purchase an analogue of Levitra in capsules. To avoid confusion, we should note that every time we mention the names of original potency enhancers with the prefix “Super Active”, we mean not the original drugs, but their generics produced in the form of capsules.

Generic Levitra in the form of capsules

We sell Generic Levitra in the form of capsules. This is the drug called Volkeno (Vardenafil Monohydrochloride Trihydrate Capsule) from the famous manufacturer Combitic Global, known for the high quality and affordable price of its products.

Generic Levitra in capsules “Volkeno-20” has a number of advantages over the original tableted Levitra, which include:

Release form – the drugs produced in capsules are absorbed faster than tablets; therefore, they start to act faster.

Generics, which are not inferior in quality to the original drugs, are usually cheaper, which makes them more affordable for the clients with different income levels.

Another benefit of Generic Levitra in capsules (“Super Active”), whose price is affordable for every man, is the fact that you can buy this excellent remedy online, without wasting time on going to the pharmacy and feeling embarrassed when talking to a pharmacist.

For the rest, Generic Levitra in the form of capsules is no different from the original drug. It contains a standard dosage of vardenafil (20 mg) and has the same indications and contraindications as the original Levitra and other vardenafil-containing drugs. Therefore, general instructions for vardenafil-based medications apply to Volkeno-20.

The main active substance of the drug is Vardenafil 20 mg. Its fundamental difference from the traditional Levitra is a fast result and a longer effect.

After sexual stimulation, the drug provides an active blood flow to the genitals; as soon as the cavernous bodies of the penis fill with blood, a man reaches stable erection. The process is also accompanied by the blockage of the veins that drain the blood. After having sexual intercourse, the blocked arteries relax, the blood flows out actively, and erection stops. This process happens under the influence of certain chemicals. In general, erection process is not possible without inhibiting the PDE5 enzyme, and on the contrary, the reverse process is accompanied by the activation of PDE5. Scientists managed to synthesize Vardenafil, which artificially restrains PDE5, thereby ensuring a long and high-quality erection.

Levitra Super Active indications

Levitra Super Active 20 mg is indicated for the treatment of any forms of erectile dysfunction. It is especially effective when the action of the standard Levitra doesn’t bring the desired result.

Medical advice is required despite the fact that you can easily buy this drug on our website without prescription (which you can’t do at any other city pharmacy). The dosage and duration of action of this drug are much higher than that of the common Levitra, which can have a negative effect on your body. It is necessary to discuss the use of Levitra Super Active 20 mg with your physician or the other specialists (for example, sex therapist, urologist, therapist, cardiologist etc.), as they all are perfectly aware of the properties of vardenafil and its compatibility with other drug groups.

Levitra Super Active 20 mg should be taken 20-25 minutes before intimacy. At that, you don’t have to chew the capsule. Instead, you should swallow it with a glass of cool water. Don’t use more than one capsule per day. It is recommended to take one capsule every three days, as the duration of action of Levitra can reach 35 hours. Besides, the drug is perfectly compatible with food and alcohol consumption.

Side effects

Usually, Levitra in capsules is well-tolerated by men, but the following adverse reactions can appear:

  • dyspepsia;
  • red spots on the face;
  • diarrhea or constipation;

The intensity of undesirable reactions depends on the individual characteristics of the body. The only common side effect is red spots.

You can buy generic Levitra capsules (whose price will pleasantly surprise you) on our website. For this, it is enough to fill out the order form, indicating the number of packages of Levitra Super Active you want to buy along with the most convenient method of payment and delivery.