Avana® (Avanafil)

Many men face the problem of erectile dysfunction. If not resolved quickly, further problems may arise. After all, the impossibility of a stable, long-term erection leads to self-doubt, often depression, and the partner’s dissatisfaction negatively affects intimate relationships. Buy Avana online without a prescription.

Fortunately, modern pharmacological drugs can successfully solve constantly arising sexual problems. Avana is a drug aimed at treating erectile dysfunction.

Thanks to modern production technologies, Avana has virtually no side effects on the body. The effect of the drug is much stronger than that of analogs.

Features of the drug application. Men who have problems with the sexual aspect of their health (no erection or lack of its resistance) can use this drug half an hour before the expected start of sexual intercourse. Once sexual stimulation is present (psychological or physical), there is steady arousal of the penis. Buy Avana online without a prescription.

The effects of Avanafil on the male body are as follows:

  •  increased blood supply to the genitals;
  •  persistent erection;
  •  Reduction of the recovery period between sexual intercourses;
  •  increase in the duration of an erection (duration up to 6 hours);
  •  Unbelievable sensations during orgasm.

Principle of action

The principle of action of Avanafil is based on the suppression of the enzyme-specific phosphodiesterase type 5. One of the main purposes of this enzyme is to coordinate the work of the cavernous bodies of the penis. To be more precise, it simply does not allow them to fill with blood at rest. In a healthy person, at the moment of arousal, the protective function of PDE-5 is automatically neutralized, but in a patient, with erectile dysfunction, it is not. Avanafil is necessary just to temporarily disable PDE-5, and allow the penis to fill with blood as much as possible, thereby ensuring a stable erection. Buy Avana online without a prescription.

Indications for use

The most compelling reason for taking this generic is erectile dysfunction. Erectile dysfunction occurs in half of the men over 40 years of age. Approximately one in five of these patients is caused by low testosterone levels, which reaches a peak in men at the age of about 25 years and then begins to decline slowly. The drug, activating the testicles, raises the production of sex hormones to the desired level.


Like any pharmacological product, this drug can cause a number of negative reactions from the body. Even if you take Avana according to the instructions for use, undesirable effects may still occur strictly following all the recommendations.

Most often, the reason for this is the presence of a so-called “hidden” contraindication, which was not taken into account during the examination and collection of the patient’s history. Buy Avana online without a prescription. There are also cases when the human body, due to its individual characteristics, cannot correctly perceive a pharmacological product.

Avana can cause side effects such as migraines, upset stomach, nausea, vomiting, high pressure, muscle pain, and vision problems. Therefore, before taking the drug, it is recommended to consult a doctor for Avan components’ personal tolerability.

Recommendations for use

To get the desired result, men should take the drug 15-20 minutes before potential sexual intercourse. The pill is swallowed whole, not crushed, and washed down with water. The maximum daily allowance is 100 mg of Avanafil. A single dose can be reduced to 50 mg of the active substance.

Men over the age of 65 are recommended to use half of the indicated daily allowance of Avanafil.

A great advantage of the drug is the ability to take it regardless of food intake. It is acceptable to use moderate doses of alcohol. It is proved that the effectiveness of Avanafil does not decrease under the influence of alcohol and fatty foods.

Buy Avana online without a prescription

An important advantage is the absence of side effects on the male body (including childbearing function). Avanafil does not affect the composition of a man’s sperm.


 Avanafil is prohibited for those under the age of 18 years.

You should follow the recommendations and schedule of admission specified in the instructions.

If one suffers from diseases of the cardiovascular system, he consults a doctor before starting the reception. A contraindication is a tendency to high blood pressure.

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