Generic Benzac (Benzoyl Peroxide) 2.5% 20g

Benzoyl peroxide is a component of many cosmetics and drugs to fight acne. The substance has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. It normalizes the work of the sebaceous glands, reducing the production of their secretions. It is the excessive secretion of sebum that provokes the appearance of large acne on the face, chest, back and even under the armpits. If the pathology is simply ignored, acne will persist for a long time and leave behind ugly traces. Benzoyl peroxide buy now!

Effect on skin

When benzoyl peroxide interacts with problem skin, it breaks down into two components — benzoic acid and hydrogen peroxide. The component has the following positive effects:

  • stops the inflammatory process;
  • cleaves the acne plug in the mouths of the sebaceous glands;
  • saturates the skin with essential oxygen;
  • removes excessive amounts of fat;
  • kills germs;
  • eliminates residual traces after acne;
  • deeply cleanses the pores.

Acne provokers are often the bacteria Propionibacterium and Staph Epidermidis. Harmful microorganisms infect healthy areas of the dermis and can damage hair follicles, causing a rash even on the scalp. When benzoyl peroxide buy breaks down, oxygen is released, which prevents the development of bacteria in the deep layers of the skin.

Indications for use include:

  • Use of drugs containing benzoyl is recommended for the following pathologies
  • adolescent acne;
  • improper functioning of the sebaceous glands;
  • residual traces after acne;

If acne occurs frequently, drugs with a low concentration of benzoyl are suitable for preventive treatment.

Benzoyl-based drugs

Generic Benzac is a part of various lotions, ointments, creams and gels against acne. Choose the drug based on the active substance concentrate: the strongest (10-percent concentration) is suitable for getting rid of acne on the back or chest. For the face, use products with a lower concentration.

The cost of each depends on many factors. So, Indian-made drugs will be cheaper than foreign ones. The effectiveness may not differ significantly. You can pay attention to recommendations and auxiliary components.

Recommendations for application

Before using any product containing benzoyl peroxide buy for the first time, it is recommended to consult a dermatologist. The duration of treatment, frequency of use and the appropriate drug – all these depend on the severity of the disease, skin condition and individual characteristics of the body.

Apply creams or gels only to clean, dry skin. You must first wash your face using a special gel.

After the treatment, a moisturizer is applied to avoid further peeling of the skin.


Benzoyl is prohibited for:

  • children under 12 years of age;
  • people over 60 years of age;
  • in case of hypersensitivity to the component;
  • in case of abrasions, scratches or burns;
  • when breastfeeding;
  • in the first trimester of pregnancy.

You must first read the instructions for use: each drug may have individual recommendations and contraindications.

Side effects

Generic Benzac often has some side effects that are considered part of the treatment process. These include:

  • puffiness;
  • skin peeling;
  • mild allergic reactions;
  • discoloration of hair;
  • itch;
  • burning;

If the drug causes too much discomfort, it is advisable to refuse further use.

Antibacterial effect

A factor that triggers the occurrence of acne is bacteria. It is because of these harmful microorganisms that the hair follicles are slowly damaged, and the bacteria themselves affect untouched areas of the dermis.

Benzoyl for acne, the price of which is quite low in the pharmacy, acts effectively, easily stopping the microbes P. acnes and Staph Epidermidis.

When applied to the skin, the substance breaks down and leaves hydrogen peroxide and benzoic acid. During this decomposition, oxygen is formed, which prevents the normal development of bacteria in the deep layers of the dermis. This process helps to reduce the number of acne foci and comedones.

Anti-inflammatory effect

In addition to the harmful effects on microorganisms, this drug treats acne and relieves inflammatory processes. The substance easily fights red spots, which allows you not to use additional drugs.

Comedolytic effect

Generic Benzac for acne, which has a compelling price, can help the skin get rid of various contaminants, which contributes to the disappearance of comedones. Consequently, the skin is improved and cleansed from acne.

Indications for use of benzoyl-based drugs

Benzoyl therapy is indicated in the presence of acne, especially in adolescents, and only then, to give the skin a healthy beautiful appearance. By normalizing the lipid balance and reducing the level of fatty acids, the substance helps to reduce the number of comedones.