Transplantation of stem cells will allow creating new immune system

The scientists from medical school of the Stanford University have made a little, but an essential step in the research of transplantation of adult stem cells to create new immune system for people with autoimmune or genetic diseases of blood. The experts have found a way to transplant new stem cells, which form blood, in marrow of mice, actually replacing their immune systems. According to the American biologists, many medical and technical aspects should be checked up before such way will be checked up in people.

The doctors explain, that the person with autoimmune disease of a disseminated sclerosis’s type has defective immune system, at which cells attack the fabrics of an organism. Transplantation of immune system would help to rescue health of patients. The way to receive new immune system consists in moving stem cells, which form blood, into a marrow where they make all blood cells. But before this the old cells should be removed, that now is done by means of intensive chemotherapy or radiation – such procedures also damage other fabrics and cause long by-effects, including barrenness, damage of a brain and the increased risk of a cancer. Therefore, according to physicians, the treatment of autoimmune diseases due to influence on functionality of a brain is not a perfect therapy.

Scientists see the decision of a problem in elimination of stem cells only forming blood so that the cells of a marrow or other fabrics were not mentioned. They have injected into animals the molecules, which affect the certain albumen on the surface of stem cells in blood. Scientific tests of this method have led to successful destruction of these cells that has not damaged the organism of rodents. When the researchers have transplanted the new stem cells to mice, they have effectively created strong immune system.

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