The Japanese have opened a secret of adiposity

The scientists from Japan have closely come nearer to creation of a revolutionary preparation for weight loss. Thus, the employees of pharmaceutical company Yamanouti and University Kejo have found out the albumen unknown earlier, which prevents people to put up weight even at high-calorific feed. This substance, which was named AGF, is allocated by the liver of all mammals, but in different quantities.

The researchers have been conducting experiments on mice for two years. By means of genetic engineering there have been deduced such rodents, whose liver did not allocate AGF, and mice at which the level of this albumen exceeded the norm twice. Animals from the first group, after having sat on a high-calorific diet for 3 months, began to weigh 50 g instead of usual 30, and were ill with diabetes.

Other mice have put on only 8 g and have kept health. The rodents with usual level of AFG at a similar feed have put on the weight on the average of 24 г and have shown first attributes of diabetes. In opinion of scientists, the preparation on the basis of AGF will help to adjust metabolism of the people, preventing adiposity and a diabetes.

It is necessary only to invent how to make it better to bring this albumen into an organism, and to perform some more experiments – this time with participation of the volunteers, wishing to grow thin. By the way, not so long ago, again owing to the mice, the scientists have found out how to cope with a problem exciting mankind even more, than adiposity, – ageing.

In the clinic “Mayo” of the American state of Minnesota, the researchers have identified a gene, capable to prevent premature deterioration of an organism. This gene named BubR1 develops a protein, that in its turn slows down processes of ageing. The researches have demonstrated, that at mice with a low level of BubR1 the life is five times shorter, than at rodents with a normal level of this gene.

Dr. Jane van Dorsen, under the direction of whom the researches are conducted, has expressed the hope, that owing to this invention soon it will be possible to help people to struggle with decrepitude of an organism and a sclerosis.

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