The American doctors have created the artificial limb of a hand, operated by the human mind

The invalids, who have lost extremity, have found new hope for returning to the normal life. The American doctors have created for the woman, who has served in the American Marines, ” a bionic hand ” – an artificial limb operated by the human mind and capable to feel a touch, reports The Telegraph (the full text on InoPressa site). Now the scientists and designers work, trying to help other invalids.

In the past year the researchers have created a bionic hand for Claudia Mitchell, who had served before in marines of the USA. The woman has lost extremities as a result of an accident of a motorcycle. Now she feels again, when somebody touches her artificial hand, she can carry out simple actions – to cut bread or to wash the dishes. She carries out similar work twice more quickly, than by means of a usual artificial limb. The first successful experiments in this area have been already performed in America several years ago.

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