Skimmed doesn’t mean useful

Nobody argues: decrease in quantity of fat in a diet is good. But is it necessary to do it with dairy products? If to drink exclusively skim milk, we will lose some fat-soluble vitamins. If we will have a snack with light yoghurts, we will only stir up appetite. It is good if we will satisfy it with useful products. And if the first comer under a hand will be fast-food?
The much bigger advantage will be brought by selective tactics. Alternate and combine products with different fat content not to break a metabolism and digestion of the important vitamins.
Yoghurt, milk and cottage cheese with usual fat content – here is my breakfast. And I advise you to do the same. Then you’ll keep vivacity and working capacity till the evening.
And at supper, in the week-end and at preparation of pancakes, batches, baked puddings, sauces, cocoa use cottage cheese, sour cream and milk of the lowered fat content. If at you cholesterol level is a little raised, choose less fat grades of cheese, sour cream, cottage cheese and milk 1-1,5 %-s’ fat content. And necessarily eat them together with “long-playing” carbohydrates – grain small loafs or bread with bran that saturation lasted longer.
If there are signs of ischemic illness of heart, fat-free products with zero on packing – is literally a rescue. The diet with the lowered maintenance of fats will be recommended to you by any cardiologist. Skim milk is also necessary to women after 30 years, when shortage of calcium starts to be felt. In the presence of fats its digestion from food decreases. It does not mean that you should eat exclusively dairy products. It is enough to drink twice a day a glass of milk of the lowered fat content enriched by calcium.
Skim milk is not released in soft packages, so take long-playing, and ultra pasteurized. Yes, this milk is with the big useful life, but don’t be frightened: there are no preservatives in it.
About it speaks such a badge on packing (to show a badge) All the matter is in technology. Milk is quickly heated up to a high temperature about 140 degrees, and also quickly cooled. Thus harmful bacteria will be neutralized, and minerals and vitamins remain in safety. And some layers of polyethylene, foil and a cardboard of this packing protect milk from external influences, therefore it is stored long. In general, you were convinced, that even dietary products demand care and observance of feeling of measure.
The lovers influence on dietary preferences of each other, the researchers have proved
The beloved person can help you to grow thin or to recover – the Canadian researchers have found out that men and women, who meet or live together, influence on gustatory preferences in meal of the partner. After having conducted the detailed review, the experts of University Ryerson in Toronto have established, that in couple people influence a food choice in shop and restaurant and culinary habits of each other.
As experts have defined, in most cases people positively reacted on desire to dump superfluous kgs at their young man or the girl and rendered to him/her emotional and physical support, also trying to refuse from harmful and high-calorific products. However, in some cases dieticians observed a boomerang effect: the partner, which consumed substitute and fat food, also “accustomed” the beloved person to a wrong food.

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