Scientists have experimentally proved possibility of treatment of Parkinson’s disease by transplantation of cells

Scientists have made the important step on a way to treatment of Parkinson’s disease, other heavy diseases, connected with degeneration of cells. According to the research published here, the international group of researchers has managed to prove possibility of treatment of Parkinson’s disease by transplantation of cells, received from cloned embryos.
“For the first time scientists managed to grow up working cells of a brain from stem cells and to transplant them in the affected brain sites”, – the magazine “Nature Medicine” testifies. Experiences were conducted on mice, however, according to the authors of the experiment, its success proves possibility of application of this technology to the person.
The official representative of the British Society of Parkinson’s disease named the research a “tremendous achievement”. In the United Kingdom there are 120 000 of affected by this heavy illness. Because of shortage of human ovicells, the scientists have decided to use ovicells of cows and rabbits for cloning of embryos.
The similar technology of reception of cells for treatment has caused an angry protest of Catholic church in the Great Britain. The head of Catholics of England and Wales cardinal Kormak Murphy O’Connor named it “Frankenstein technology”. This and other same numerous statements in kingdom, including outstanding laborites, the former ministers, members of parliament, has led to a new conflict situation in the ruling Labor party on the threshold of consideration of a bill about embryonic researches.

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