Saliva tests will soon replace blood tests, physicians predict

In the near future instead of a needle prick at medical examination patients will have to hand over a simple analysis of saliva, scientists confirm. Cataloguing of proteoma saliva, of some albumen, will allow faster, more cheaply, more effectively and without serious consequences to identify a cancer, cardiac disease or diabetes. Albumens in human saliva will become the markers, giving possibility for diagnostics of dangerous chronic diseases, the experts of the University of Rochester/USA/ are assured.
The albumens, coded by genes in organs of a body, regulate their cellular processes. As researchers speak, definition of exact tracks of albumen will open doors for working out of innovative diagnostic tests and appointment of the most comprehensible therapy. Doctors have found more than thousand such albumens in the main salivary tonsils, including parotid, mandibular and hypoglossal glands. It was known, that salivary albumens cure an oral cavity, strengthen a voice and kill bacteria and viruses. Now biologists consider, that they can become new tools of search and tracing of action of various diseases in the whole organism. The mechanism of action of salivary albumens is potentially easier for supervising, than at the traditional analysis of blood. Besides, a set of salivary albumens as it has been proved, corresponded to the albumens having the important role at an Alzheimer’s, Huntington’s and Parkinson’s disease, various forms of cancer and diabetes.

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