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Sexual arousal and erection is a complex process that involves the chain of brain, hormones, nerve fibers, muscles, blood vessels, etc. Erectile dysfunction is caused by the problem in some of this body parts, as well as the stress and other psychological factors.

With the aging and developing of concomitant pathologies, achieving erection becomes more difficult and requires stronger emotional and physical stimulations. However, erectile dysfunction isn’t a direct consequence of aging. Usually, it’s a result of the major health problems or medication that negatively affect erectile functions.

Mostly, erectile dysfunction leads to the serious mental disorders, and such changes become visible to the people around you:
dissatisfaction with the sexual life
stress and anxiety
low self-esteem
family relationship problems
difficulties in conceiving a baby, etc.

How to get rid of this problem?
There is a way out. It’s called Levitra.

Levitra is a modern medicine, designed specifically for the treatment of erectile dysfunction (impotence). Compared to the competitors, the drug has the following advantages:
– Almost instant (15 minutes after the intake) and long-lasting (up to 6 hours) effect
– The drug starts acting after the first intake
– Relatively small side effects
– Can be taken with meal
Levitra helps most men to successfully deal with erectile dysfunction, especially if similar drugs don’t work out. Another advantage of Levitra is that diabetics can use it. The studies have confirmed that the efficiency of the drug among patients, suffering from erectile dysfunction, achieves 90%, which is a very good result.

Recent studies of the effect of Levitra were conducted literally with a stopwatch in hands. In today’s world, the duration of erection is measured by seconds! This device was used for measuring the duration of erection while taking Levitra. Besides, such studies haven’t been conducted before. For one month, the men, suffering from impotence, were taking Levitra, while the other group of the men with the same diagnosis got placebo (pacifier). 201 men aged 18 to 64 took part in the experience. Initially, 40 % of the men were diagnosed with a moderate impotence, while 30 % had a severe degree. The patients of experienced team got 10 mg of Levitra one hour before sex. At that, there were no side effects. On average, the duration of sexual act increased almost to 13 minutes, while before the treatment with Levitra it amounted five and a half minutes. To achieve this result, the patients had to take Levitra for one month. Some of them complained about the blood rush to the cheeks and headache, but these cases were quite rare. The results of experience show that the use of Levitra really helps to prolong sexual act more than twice.

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