How can we use stem cells?

The future is now!

Every day does not pass for mankind just like that. People recognize more, comprehend the unknown and, finally, begin to apply new knowledge in practice. This has happened, is happening and will happen always …

The second half of the twentieth century can be called a time of rapid development in medicine and biology. One of the greatest discoveries of this time is the discovery of deoxyribonucleic acid – DNA (1953), obtaining pure lines of embryonic stem cells (1998) and the human genome (2001).

Combining of the accumulated knowledge in the field of medicine and biology, as well as introduction into medical practice of biotechnology has led to the formation of a new trend in personalized medicine – cell therapy (or, to use its other name – replacement therapy, regenerative-plastic medicine).

The basis of cellular therapy is the use of the properties of stem cells to repair damaged ones as a result of sickness or injury of tissues and organs. Cell therapy is used today worldwide in the treatment of inherited and acquired diseases, until recently considered incurable by conventional approaches. Stem cells are successfully used in the treatment of more than 100 kinds of serious diseases, including myocardial infarction, congestive heart failure, stroke, neurodegenerative diseases, juvenile diabetes, traumatic brain and spinal cord, and a number of cancer and hereditary diseases.

• Reconstruction of tissues and organs:

  • Restoration of bone and cartilage tissue,
  • Creating the tooth germ and restoring of its tissues,
  • Reconstruction of the liver and the kidneys, bladder,
  • Reconstruction of the cornea,
  • Mammpplasty.

• The craniofacial surgery:

  • When congenital abnormalities: cleft lip and palate (cleft lip and cleft palate, respectively)
  • When restoring violations of formation and bone deformities of the maxillofacial region caused by tumors, infections or injuries.

• Cardioplasty in the treatment of diseases of the cardiovascular system:

  • ischemia, occlusion,
  • Myocardial infarction.

• When the system progressive diseases:

  • Collagenoses, arthrosis, arthritis,
  • glomerulonephritis.

• When neurological diseases:

  • Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis,
  • Multiple sclerosis,
  • In the burn therapy.

• For some types of cancer, causing loss of connective, bone and cartilage.
• In diabetes type 1 (juvenile diabetes).
• In skin rejuvenation.

Every day, the list of diseases increases, new protocols of therapeutic use of stem cells in the treatment of pathologies and injuries are developed. Cell therapy is comes to the medical practice

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