Discharge with a smell of ammonia: determine the cause

Discharge with a smell of ammonia

It happens that the smell of vaginal discharge obtains specific character, which, of course, disturbs all women. In this article, you can find out what the discharge with a smell of ammonia mean and how to get rid of it. Discharge with a smell of ammonia: determine the cause.

Normal rate and deviations from the norm

The human nature is arranged so that the work of every organ is accompanied by its waste products. Reproductive system is comprised largely of mucosal tissues, which have many glands producing secretion. It provides barrier function: retention of foreign microorganisms. Thus, natural microflora keeps safe, while all the unnecessary bacteria are excreted with mucus.

Normally, this is moderate transparent mucus, without foreign smell and uniform consistency. This characteristic can change throughout the menstrual cycle: secretion becomes sticky and yellowish during ovulation and before/after period.

If the discharge starts to smell like onion, rotten fish, iron, rot, acetone or ammonia, acquired white, grey or other unnatural color, their composition becomes nonuniform, and you note the discomfort (itching, burning or pain), this may be a sign of disorder. Consider the problem of secretions with a pungent smell of ammonia.

Causes of non-pathological discharge with the smell

It is known that woman’s lifestyle, quality of food and general health affect the characteristics of vaginal secretion and its smell. Therefore, the causes of ammoniac smell can be as follows:

  1. Low fluid intake, due to which urine becomes concentrated, creating such odor.
  2. Protein surplus, which hinders its reprocessing into amino acids.
  3. Hormonal changes during pregnancy, after delivery, during menopause and puberty affects the smell of secretion. For the same reason, in the first days menstrual bleeding can smell like ammonia.
  4. Improper hygiene, when the discharge or rests of urine accumulate in the groin area.
  5. Some medical preparations or multivitamin complexes change the composition and smell of discharge.
  6. Usually, this phenomenon is caused by the disorders of liver that cannot cope with the processing of a by-product of metabolism — ammonia. If the liver works normally, this substance is excreted via the urine. In case of liver dysfunction, toxic substances accumulate in body, leaving it in the form of vaginal mucus. That is why the smell from the genitals can disturb both women and young girls that don’t live a love life.

What pathologies make the discharge smell like ammonia?

The reasons of discharge that smells of ammonia in women also have a pathological character.

  1. Urethritis, which is an inflammation of urethra, develops due to the penetration of pathogenic bacteria and viruses into a microflora. Symptoms of this disease include smell of ammonia, cutting pain during urination, and discharge from the urethra. Urine can have a brown color and contain mucus.
  2. Cystitis is another inflammatory process of bladder. It can be caused by harmful microorganisms and overcooling. During menopause, cystitis is a more frequent guest due to the age-related alterations. Symptoms of urethritis can include high temperature and general malaise.
  3. Pyelonephritis is an inflammation of kidneys and their pelvises, which makes such smell and is accompanied by frequent urination, back pain, shiver, weakness, perspiration and dizziness.
  4. In case of diabetes, ketones (acetone compounds) are present in the urine in too high amounts. In high concentrations, they can give such smell.
  5. If you observe white or yellowish lumps in the mucus, bad smell, unbearable itching and burning, this is a fungal disease called Candidiasis, popularly known as thrush.
  6. Prerequisite for the discharge with a smell of ammonia can be bacterial vaginosis. This scent of discharge is diluted with a smell of rotten fish, and mucus acquires grayish shade. It can manifest itself with special intensity after sexual contact. Its symptoms also include burning and itching.
  7. Any other sexual infections, such as trichomoniasis, clamidiosis, bacterial vaginosis and other can provoke such smell from the vagina.

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Women can confuse vaginal secretion with minor urine leakage, which is a symptom of hyperactive or neurogenic bladder.

How to eliminate a smell of ammonia from the discharge?

If the discharge smells like ammonia, you should contact the health professionals. It is recommended to start with gynecological examinations to exclude female illnesses. Consult the urologist and endocrinologist, as these specialists usually understand the meaning of such symptoms.

In case of above-mentioned diseases, you can use anti-inflammatory and antimicrobials, and in severe cases — antibiotics. The drugs are complemented by immunostimulants and tonic preparations.

Treatment at home is possible. You can use local suppositories, douche with the above-mentioned solutions, bath with medicinal herbs and warmings. However, you don’t have to self-medicate. First of all, you need to contact a qualified professional.

To prevent the disease, you should follow the simple preventive measures:

  1. Eat in a balanced manner, exclude strict diets and bad habits.
  2. Drink plenty of fluids.
  3. Avoid overcooling.
  4. Don’t neglect cold-related diseases, as they are often responsible for genitourinary diseases.
  5. Always keep the blood sugar under control.
  6. Observe the intimate hygiene; take a bath as soon as possible, paying special attention to the groin area.
  7. Choose the right means of intimate hygiene: they must plant-based, free of dyes and fragrances and maintain pH balance.
  8. Don’t wear synthetic underwear; choose only natural and comfortable clothes.
  9. Use contraceptives if you don’t have a permanent sexual partner.

As numerous reviews show, colorless, white and yellow secretions with a scent of ammonia is a common problem, which is very easy to eliminate. It is important to get diagnosed, determine the cause and receive a correct treatment in time. Be healthy!

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