The tests of genetic therapy in the USA are renewed

The pharmaceutical company Targeted Genetics Corp has declared a renewal of the clinical tests interrupted in July of experimental genetic & therapeutic preparation for treatment of a rheumatoid arthritis. Management on products and medicines of the USA (FDA) has given out the sanction for continuation of researches after careful studying of the condition of 127 […]

The American doctors have created the artificial limb of a hand, operated by the human mind

The invalids, who have lost extremity, have found new hope for returning to the normal life. The American doctors have created for the woman, who has served in the American Marines, ” a bionic hand ” – an artificial limb operated by the human mind and capable to feel a touch, reports The Telegraph (the […]

Transplantation of stem cells will allow creating new immune system

The scientists from medical school of the Stanford University have made a little, but an essential step in the research of transplantation of adult stem cells to create new immune system for people with autoimmune or genetic diseases of blood. The experts have found a way to transplant new stem cells, which form blood, in […]

The Japanese have opened a secret of adiposity

The scientists from Japan have closely come nearer to creation of a revolutionary preparation for weight loss. Thus, the employees of pharmaceutical company Yamanouti and University Kejo have found out the albumen unknown earlier, which prevents people to put up weight even at high-calorific feed. This substance, which was named AGF, is allocated by the […]

Saliva tests will soon replace blood tests, physicians predict

In the near future instead of a needle prick at medical examination patients will have to hand over a simple analysis of saliva, scientists confirm. Cataloguing of proteoma saliva, of some albumen, will allow faster, more cheaply, more effectively and without serious consequences to identify a cancer, cardiac disease or diabetes. Albumens in human saliva […]

Aspirin for ulcer patients was developed by the Italian scientists

The Italian researchers from the Universities of Turin and Parma declare, that they managed to find the formula of aspirin, which will not render harmful influence on stomach walls.   “New aspirin is not soaked up by a stomach, and gets to blood even faster”, – the head of the research group Alberto Gasco has […]

Scientists have experimentally proved possibility of treatment of Parkinson’s disease by transplantation of cells

Scientists have made the important step on a way to treatment of Parkinson’s disease, other heavy diseases, connected with degeneration of cells. According to the research published here, the international group of researchers has managed to prove possibility of treatment of Parkinson’s disease by transplantation of cells, received from cloned embryos.   “For the first […]

The electroshock strengthens feeling of sense of smell – scientists

The feeling of fear, discomfort or shock can considerably aggravate sensitivity of the person to smells. To such conclusion the group of scientists of Northwest university of the city of Evanston (Illinois, USA) has come after a series of experiments.   The scientists subjected examinees to an electroshock of small force after what those could […]