How can we use stem cells?

The future is now! Every day does not pass for mankind just like that. People recognize more, comprehend the unknown and, finally, begin to apply new knowledge in practice. This has happened, is happening and will happen always … The second half of the twentieth century can be called a time of rapid development in […]

Should you donate cord blood of your child to the blood bank?

Parents-to-be are trying to protect environmental conditions. They close the open sockets, nail all sorts of protective devices for cabinets and shelves in the house, look for a special chair for the baby in the car, to the nearest centimeter think over the size of a portable wheelchair – long before the birth of their […]

Excessive worry can lead to heart attack

Such expressions as “blood ran cold in my veins” can be perceived henceforth literally – German doctors have established, that strong worry and nervousness affect the process of blood curling, increasing risk of a thrombosis and heart attack. Analyses of blood of patients with a syndrome of the raised uneasiness, both social and physical phobias […]