Aspirin for ulcer patients was developed by the Italian scientists

The Italian researchers from the Universities of Turin and Parma declare, that they managed to find the formula of aspirin, which will not render harmful influence on stomach walls.
“New aspirin is not soaked up by a stomach, and gets to blood even faster”, – the head of the research group Alberto Gasco has told.
Aspirin – is one of the most widespread medicines in the world. Initially it was accepted as soothing at head and toothaches or as febrifugal at colds and infectious diseases. Then scientists have found out that aspirin is capable to dilute blood, and began to use it for preventive maintenance of cardiovascular diseases. In the certain moment this medical product became almost a panacea, “a medicine for all”, until by-effects have been revealed. It is proved that aspirin aggressively influences the gastric environment and is capable, even if the tablet is protected by a cover, to “burn” a hole in a stomach wall, in other words, to lead to an ulcer.
As Gasco has told, new aspirin should still pass laboratory researches on rats. “However if results of our tests appear such as we expect, there will be a safe alternative to old aspirin”, – the head of the research has assured.

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